Revolutionary Indian Innovation: Introducing the 2024 KTM 390 Duke and 250 Duke to the Market

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The KTM 125-390 range, manufactured by Bajaj Auto in India, has made its way into multiple global markets, including the US. The 250 Duke and 390 Duke are the latest additions to the US market, offering American riders access to these popular and versatile bikes.

Features of the KTM 250 Duke and 390 Duke

The KTM 250 Duke and 390 Duke are known for their powerful single-cylinder engines, lightweight chassis, and advanced features such as full LED lighting, TFT display, and ABS. These bikes are designed to deliver a thrilling riding experience while also being practical for daily use.

Performance and Durability

The 250 Duke and 390 Duke are built to handle a wide range of riding conditions, from city streets to twisty mountain roads. With their responsive engines and agile handling, these bikes offer an exhilarating performance that appeals to both experienced riders and beginners.

KTM’s Expansion into the US Market

The entry of the 250 Duke and 390 Duke into the US market reflects KTM’s commitment to expanding its presence in North America. The popularity of these bikes in other markets has paved the way for their introduction to American riders, who can now enjoy the dynamic performance and European design that KTM is known for.


The arrival of the KTM 250 Duke and 390 Duke in the US market is an exciting development for motorcycle enthusiasts. These bikes combine cutting-edge technology with proven performance, offering riders a thrilling and versatile riding experience.

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