Ather’s Latest Project: Family-Friendly Electric Scooter and 450X Update Unveiled

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Tarun Mehta, Co-founder and CEO of Ather Energy has officially announced that they are developing a family electric scooter for the Indian market. The new electric scooter has been spotted undergoing testing on public roads with black and white camouflage, and it is set to be launched in 2024. Additionally, the brand has also confirmed that they are working on an updated version of the 450 series electric scooter, which will make its debut in early 2024.

New Electric Scooter in the Works

The spy shots of the upcoming family scooter reveal a sleek design with slim headlamp and tail lamp units, a grab rail, and a spacious seat for both the rider and pillion. It also features a side step for the pillion and a flat floor, making it convenient for the rider to store items on the floorboard.

Key Features and Rivals

The scooter boasts alloy wheels and tubeless tires, along with a front disc brake. Although it is not confirmed whether the scooter will use a hub-mounted motor or a belt-driven one, Ather’s previous scooters have utilized a belt-driven motor. The primary competitor for Ather’s new family electric scooter will be the TVS iQube, and the company is ensuring that the new scooter will be affordable for consumers.

Evolution of Ather 450 Series

Ather Energy is also working on an update to the 450 series electric scooter, which is expected to come with a premium price tag. Despite its higher price point compared to other electric scooters in the Indian market, the 450 series is lauded for its solid build, high performance, advanced features, and great handling, making it a top choice among enthusiasts.

The new iteration of the 450 series is promised to come with best-in-class features, although specific details about the upgrades and pricing are yet to be disclosed.


In conclusion, Ather Energy’s commitment to developing new electric scooters for the Indian market demonstrates the growing demand for sustainable and affordable modes of transportation. With the upcoming launch of the family electric scooter and the evolution of the 450 series, Ather continues to push the boundaries of electric mobility.

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