Get 171 km Range on a Single Charge! This Bike is a Hit Amongst the Youth

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PURE EV, an electric two-wheeler manufacturer, has launched its new electric bike EecoDryft 350 in the Indian EV market. The company claims that this electric scooter will be capable of providing a riding range of approximately 171 kilometers on a single charge.

Specifications and Features of EecoDryft 350

The EecoDryft 350 electric bike has been launched with powerful battery and improved range. The company has also made efforts to make its look and features quite appealing. Additionally, the bike offers three different riding modes based on the rider’s requirement.

Superior Range Claim

This electric bike can easily cover a range of up to approximately 171 kilometers on a single charge. It also boasts a top speed of around 75 kilometers per hour and can be fully charged in 5 to 6 hours with a normal charger.

Modern Features Included

To make this electric bike modern and futuristic, the company has incorporated various smart features, including reverse mode, coasting regen, hill-start assist, down-hill assist, parking assist, digital instrument console, digital speedometer, digital odometer, anti-theft alarm, remote start, push button start, central locking, LED headlamp, LED tail lamp, and LED turn signal lamp, among others.

Price and Booking

The electric bike can be booked through the company’s official website or via more than 100 pure dealerships. The showroom price for this bike is quoted at Rs. 1,29,999. The delivery is expected to start from April 2024.


The launch of the EecoDryft 350 electric bike by PURE EV is a significant step in providing environmentally friendly transportation options in the Indian market. With its impressive range and modern features, it is sure to attract electric vehicle enthusiasts.

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