Get Your Hands on this 107km Range Electric Scooter! Priced Just Right for Your Budget…

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Electric Scooter with a Range of 107km

When we think about buying an electric scooter, the first thing that comes to mind is the price range. Most of us are willing to spend between 70,000 and 80,000 for a good electric scooter. However, when we see a scooter with a higher price, we often dismiss the idea of buying it. That’s why today we are going to provide you with information about a powerful electric scooter that fits within your budget.

Electric scooter providing 107km range on a single charge

The electric scooter we are talking about has already been launched in the market. Its model is the Evolet Dhanno electric scooter, designed especially for the middle-class family, capable of providing a long range at a low cost.

The company claims that it can provide a range of approximately 107 kilometers on a single charge. This is made possible due to the 2.6kwh lithium-ion battery it comes with.

Fast charging feature

In addition to normal charging, the scooter also comes with a fast charging feature, making it easier to charge in less time.

Powerful braking system and motor

The scooter is equipped with a combination of drum brakes on both wheels, along with a powerful 250w BLDC electric motor, making it suitable for all types of roads.

Affordable price of just ₹72,500

The best part is that the scooter has been designed to fit within your budget, with a showroom price of just ₹72,500. The company also offers installment plans, allowing you to make monthly payments for the scooter.

In conclusion

The Evolet Dhanno electric scooter is a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable yet efficient electric scooter with an impressive range. With its fast charging feature, powerful motor, and affordable price, it’s definitely worth considering for your next electric scooter purchase.

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