Unveiling Ultraviolette F77: The Electric Streetfighter Orxa Mantis with a Whopping 221 km Range

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Orxa Mantis Electric Motorcycle: Book Now, Delivery in April 2024

Orxa Mantis, the electric naked streetfighter motorcycle, is now available for booking in India and will begin delivery in April 2024. With its high-powered electric motor and impressive features, the Orxa Mantis is set to make a mark in the electric motorcycle segment.

High-Performance Electric Motorcycle

The Orxa Mantis is a pure electric naked streetfighter designed to deliver high performance on Indian roads. Priced at ₹3.60 lakh (ex-showroom, Bengaluru), it offers a performance-focused ride that challenges the Ultraviolette F77. The bike is currently open for booking, with the first 1,000 customers able to book the EV for ₹10,000, followed by subsequent bookings at ₹25,000.

Design and Features

The motorcycle boasts a highly aggressive design with dual LED projector headlamps and a sharp front cowl, giving it a bold and distinctive appearance. Additionally, it features a fully digital TFT display that provides a wide range of information, making it a truly modern and sleek ride.

Impressive Performance and Range

Equipped with a massive 8.9 kWh battery pack, the Orxa Mantis is the most lightweight electric motorcycle in its class in India. The advanced battery management system and dual thermal management system further enhance its performance. The bike promises an impressive 221 km range on a single charge, making it suitable for both short commutes and long rides.


In conclusion, the Orxa Mantis electric motorcycle is set to revolutionize the Indian electric motorcycle market with its high-performance, cutting-edge design, and impressive range. Book your Orxa Mantis now and get ready to experience the future of electric motorcycles on Indian roads.

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