Top 7 Blue Heeler Mix Dogs


Labrador Blue Heeler mixes are known for their intelligence and friendly temperament. These dogs are not only great family pets but also excellent working companions.

Border Collie

Blue Heeler Border Collie mixes are high-energy dogs that thrive on mental and physical stimulation. They are incredibly agile and excel in various dog sports. 

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler mixes are intelligent, loyal, and versatile. With their herding instincts and eagerness to learn, they excel in dog sports.

Cattle Dog

Blue Heeler Cattle Dog mixes inherit the Blue Heeler's strong work ethic and loyalty. They are highly trainable and thrive in environments where they have tasks to accomplish. 


Blue Heeler Pitbull mixes are powerful and agile dogs. They are known for their loyalty and protective nature. When properly trained and socialized.

Golden Retriever

Blue Heeler Golden Retriever mixes combine the Blue Heeler's work ethic with the Golden Retriever's friendly and gentle nature.


Blue Heeler Husky mixes are spirited and independent dogs. They are known for their endurance and resilience, making them great outdoor companions. 

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