Top 7 Catahoula Mix Dogs


Catahoula Lab mixes are intelligent and energetic. They inherit the Catahoula's herding skills and Lab's friendly nature.


 Catahoula Bulldog mixes are strong and protective. They combine the Catahoula's agility with Bulldog's determination, resulting in a breed that is both sturdy and versatile.

Australian Shepherd

Catahoula Australian Shepherd mixes are highly intelligent and agile. They are known for their herding abilities and are quick learners.


Catahoula Pitbull mixes are energetic and loyal. They possess the Catahoula's hunting instincts and Pitbull's strength.


Catahoula Boxer mixes are playful and friendly. They inherit the Catahoula's endurance and Boxer's cheerful disposition.


Catahoula Beagle mixes are curious and sociable. They combine the Catahoula's tracking abilities with Beagle's friendly nature.

Golden Retriever

Catahoula Golden Retriever mixes are loyal and gentle. They possess the Catahoula's intelligence and Golden Retriever's friendly temperament.

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