Top 7 Interesting Facts About Cornish Rex Cats

Unique Coat

Cornish Rex cats have a unique coat characterized by short, curly hair that feels incredibly soft to the touch.

Playful Personalities

These cats are known for their playful and active personalities, often engaging in antics that entertain their owners.

Highly Curious

Cornish Rex cats are highly curious and love to explore their surroundings, making them adventurous companions.

Minimal Shedding

Unlike many other breeds, Cornish Rex cats shed very little, which can be a relief for owners with allergies.

Vocal Communicators

They are vocal and enjoy "talking" to their owners, creating a unique and engaging form of communication.

Indoor Preference

Due to their short coat and minimal shedding, Cornish Rex cats are best kept as indoor pets to protect them from the elements.

Loving and Loyal

These cats form strong bonds with their human families and are known for their affectionate and loyal nature.

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