Who is Miss USA 2023? Who is Noelia Voigt?

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What is the name of Miss USA 2023? Learn everything about Noelia Voigt, the accomplished Miss USA 2023, her diverse achievements, educational background, and advocacy work.  

Who is Miss USA 2023?

In Reno, Nevada, Noelia Voigt of Utah was crowned Miss USA 2023 at the Grand Sierra Resort on Friday night, live on the CW Network. At the pageant, she beat out 50 other state titleholders, and after the swimwear and evening gown rounds, the field was reduced to just five finalists.

Among the other four finalists were Savannah Gankiewicz from Hawaii, Jasmine Daniels from Pennsylvania, Lluvia Alzate from Texas, and Alexis Loomans from Wisconsin.

The Miss Universe Organization asked Noelia Voigt what she would contribute as a “brand ambassador” and Miss USA in the final Q&A round. She promised to connect with diverse communities across the country as a “bilingual Venezuelan-American”.

It was judged by Vivica A. Fox, former “Real Housewife” Luann de Lesseps, and beauty vlogger Patrick Starrr. In an early September statement, Miss USA Organization President and CEO Laylah Rose stated that the 2023 pageant would bring “a modern and progressive approach to a 70-year-old tradition.” Of note, Juliana Morehouse-Locklear of Maine became the first married state titleholder.

Noelia Voigt succeeds Morgan Romano of North Carolina as Miss USA in 2022. R’Bonney Gabriel of Texas, who was crowned Miss Universe 2022 in January, handed the title to Morgan Romano. It was claimed by some fellow contestants that Gabriel’s win in 2022 had been rigged. During the investigation, Crystle Stewart, the national director of Miss USA and winner of the 2008 Miss USA pageant, as well as her company, Miss Brands, were suspended by the Miss Universe Organization.

Crystle Stewart’s partnership with Crystle Stewart was terminated in August after the accusations were found to be false. Noelia Voigt of Utah is Miss USA 2023, and she was chosen through the pageant’s competitive process. The article also discusses the Miss Universe Organization’s past controversies and developments.

Who is Noelia Voigt?

In addition to her accomplishments in various fields, Noelia Voigt is a young and accomplished individual. A prestigious beauty pageant awarded her the title of Miss USA in 2023. She is also a dedicated student, currently studying interior design, real estate, and project management in addition to her success in pageantry.

Additionally, she worked as an interior design consultant for RH Birmingham, where she gained valuable experience and expertise. She was honored at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino in Nevada, where she hails from Utah.

Having been crowned Miss USA, she will represent the United States at the upcoming Miss Universe competition in El Salvador on November 18, 2023.

Additionally, she is actively involved in advocacy work beyond academic pursuits. Through her partnership with the One Love Foundation, Noelia has been a strong advocate of dating violence awareness and prevention. In addition, she has written a book for children entitled “Maddie the BRAVE,” which addresses the issue of bullying.

Noelia Voigt Career

Throughout her career, Noelia Voigt has showcased her talents and interests in a variety of fields:

Licensed Aesthetician and Certified Lash Technician

After obtaining her license as an aesthetician and becoming a certified lash technician, she began working at Iron City Lash Bar in Birmingham in August 2019. By providing aesthetic and lash services, she likely gained valuable hands-on experience in the beauty and skincare industry.

Children’s Book Author

She is also a published author. An important issue of bullying is addressed in her children’s book “Maddie the BRAVE.” It was inspired by the tragic story of 9-year-old Madison Whittsett, who committed suicide after being bullied continuously in school. In raising awareness about bullying and its impact on children, Voigt’s book makes an important contribution.

Pageant Achievements

Throughout her career, Noelia Voigt has participated in a number of beauty pageants and achieved notable success. In 2017 and 2018, she earned the titles of fourth runner-up and first runner-up at the Miss Florida Teen USA pageant. Her involvement in the pageant world was highlighted in 2020 when she won the title of Miss Collegiate Alabama. In 2022, she placed runner-up in the Miss Alabama USA competition, demonstrating her commitment to the pageantry industry.

Miss USA Title

Noelia Voigt’s career highlights include winning the title of Miss USA. After winning the competition in 2022, she succeeded R’Bonney Gabriel. Her victory in the Miss Utah USA competition marked a significant milestone in her pageant career. She is set to compete in the Miss Universe competition after winning Miss USA, demonstrating not only her beauty and grace, but also her ability to represent the United States abroad.

The career of Noelia Voigt encompasses a variety of interests and talents, from aesthetics and beauty services to advocacy through her children’s book and success in beauty pageants. It’s commendable that she’s committed to making a positive impact on important social issues like bullying, and her future endeavors as Miss USA will likely continue to do so.

Noelia Voigt Parents

Noelia Voigt was born in Florida to a Latina mother and an American father. Online, specific details about their names are not available. Despite not having their names, it is clear that Noelia comes from a diverse cultural background, with her mother being Latino and her father being American. Her diverse family background may have shaped her identity and experiences, contributing to her unique perspective and accomplishments.

Noelia Voigt Education

It is likely that Noelia Voigt’s educational journey began at Pine View School, where she received her foundational education. In addition, she attended the Florida Virtual School, suggesting that she may have pursued some of her studies online, possibly allowing her to balance her education with other commitments. In Noelia Voigt’s educational career, she likely pursued a degree or coursework in a field of her interest at the University of Alabama. A degree at this university could have provided her with valuable knowledge and skills in interior design and real estate.

Additionally, she attended Jefferson State Community College. This indicates a commitment to furthering her education and exploring a variety of academic avenues. Noelia Voigt studied at the Aveda Institute Birmingham, which is renowned for its cosmetology and aesthetics programs. Probably her education at this institution led to her certification as a lash technician and aesthetician.

She is currently studying interior design, reflecting her passion and career direction in this creative field. Also, she is pursuing education in project management and real estate. With this additional educational pursuit, she aligns her career interests and suggests a commitment to expanding her knowledge.

Throughout her educational background, Noelia Voigt has demonstrated her dedication to continuous learning and her willingness to explore various academic fields. As a result of this diverse education, she likely possesses a wide range of skills and knowledge that can be applied to her career in interior design, real estate, and project management. As a bilingual professional, her ability to communicate with a wide range of clients and communities in her chosen field is further enhanced by her bilingual proficiency in Spanish and English.

Noelia Voigt Social Service

As evidenced by her involvement in several important causes, Noelia Voigt has demonstrated a strong commitment to social service and advocacy.

Advocate for immigrants’ rights

As an advocate for immigration rights, Noelia Voigt is active in the field. Despite not providing details of her involvement and contributions in this area, her dedication suggests a passion for supporting and raising awareness about immigration issues. Supporting marginalized communities and addressing immigrant rights are common issues in immigration rights advocacy.

Prevention and awareness of dating violence

With the One Love Foundation, Noelia Voigt has been advocating for dating violence awareness and prevention for six years. It shows a long-standing commitment to addressing the critical issue of dating violence, which affects many people, especially youth. Among her activities in this area are likely to be education, awareness campaigns, and support for survivors of dating violence. One Love Foundation raises awareness about healthy relationships and prevents relationship violence through its programs.

Taking part in these social service initiatives demonstrates Noelia Voigt’s commitment to making a positive impact on pressing social issues. Whether advocating for immigration rights or working to prevent dating violence, she actively engages in efforts to make society more equitable and safer. Through her dedication to these causes, she demonstrates her commitment to social service and her desire to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and communities.

Interested in Noelia Voigt’s hobbies?

Noelia Voigt has a wide range of hobbies that reflect her interests and passions. In addition to being a form of physical activity, Noelia enjoys dancing as a creative outlet. Through movement and rhythm, dancing can bring joy, self-expression, and a sense of connection with others. Camping is an outdoor activity that allows individuals to enjoy the serenity of the wilderness and connect with nature. Activities such as hiking, cooking outdoors, and spending time in nature are often involved. Noelia’s interest in camping indicates an appreciation for the great outdoors and its adventures.

In teaching her Australian Shepherd tricks, Noelia shows her love for animals and dedication to their welfare. A dog’s training can be both fun and rewarding, creating a strong bond between owner and pet. The intelligence and agility of Australian Shepherds make them excellent candidates for learning tricks and commands.

Noelia Voigt Boyfriend

There is a romantic relationship between Noelia Voigt and Jack Hendrix. Even though there are no specific details about when they met and the duration of their relationship, there are some indications that they had a close and loving relationship. A number of posts featuring Jack Hendrix have been shared on Noelia Voigt’s social media accounts. This indicates openness and happiness in their partnership, based on the presence of these posts.

 Noelia Hendrix is Jack Hendrix’s display picture on his private social media account. There is evident affection and commitment between the two of them. The nature and timeline of their relationship remain a mystery, but there is no doubt that Noelia Voigt and Jack Hendrix share a special bond. Their shared moments are a testament to their bond, as they appear to enjoy their journey together.

Noelia Voigt Age

Although Noelia Voigt is just 23 years old, she has already accomplished significant milestones in her career and personal life. By winning the Miss USA title, pursuing an education in interior design, real estate, and project management, and advocating for immigration rights and dating violence awareness, she has demonstrated her ambition and dedication to making a positive difference. Despite her young age, she has demonstrated a commitment to personal growth, education, and contributing to social causes, highlighting her potential for continued success in the years to come.

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